Split Screen and Drag n’ Drop

Split screen and drag and drop

IOS 11 offers some quite major improvements in working with apps and information.  Some of these are much more useful on an iPad than on an iPhone because of the much bigger screen. The most interesting of these is the ability drag and drop content, and to have two apps working side by side.
You don’t have to use these options, but they are worth getting to know because they might prove to be quite useful to you. Note, the feature only work in certain Apps, such as Safari, Notes, Pages, Apple Maps and more.

Split Screen

Sliding Panel
The image (left)  illustrates two big changes. Split screen and drag and drop. Imagine you have found a good article about something and want to copy some or all of it.

The left side of the screen is Safari – a NY Times article. The right side, is Notes, and is a copy of part of the NYTimes article. The black line in the middle is a slider, which can be moved to close either of the apps.

An alternative to split screen is  a sliding panel (left) where the panel floats above the main view. The panel can be closed by touching the left edge of the panel and sliding it to the right.

This video shows how split screen and a sliding panel work and how drag and drop can move content from one app to another.

When you drag an app from the dock to make a split screen, drag it to the left or right side and let go when the main screen splits. This bypasses the sliding panel option

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