LATE FOR THE TRAIN: This guy usually drives up the road around midnight in a car whose muffler has seen better days, with high beams on looking for an empty site. Drives around two or three times, finally settles on site across the road. Proceeds to fire up at least two Coleman kerosene lanterns, creating daylight conditions for 30 yards in each direction. Read More ➥

Now here’s just the thing to take on your next camping trip or to just set up in your back yard. Read More ➥

One of my favs..."Why did the chicken cross the road? To show armadillos it can be done".:) Read More ➥

Back in the 50s when I was in Jr. High in Los Altos, the town had a Dad’s Club for men. Their main purpose was to put on a charitable musical revue each year called the Fathers’ Frolics. The cast was liberally filled with well-known local businessmen, teachers, doctors and regular dads. I really enjoyed going to these and watching these normally-staid and serious men display their musical and comedic talents. The whole thing was run by a theatre guy named Leroy Stransky. Read More ➥


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You find the strangest threads in the comments of news article. Read More ➥

When the music is romantic, even the players flirt

The best way to avoid giving birth to a sousaphone player is to have a tuba ligation. Read More ➥

"I'd like a cup of coffee, please, with no cream." Read More ➥

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