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STORE OWNER: Why do my taxes keep going up?

PROPERTY ASSESSOR: Because the churches don’t pay taxes, so we have to make up the difference.

STORE OWNER: And why are there so many churches?

PROPERTY ASSESSOR: Because we’re not allowed to decide whether or not something’s a church.

STORE OWNER: (pause) Stop leaning on my [main_last]altar.[/main_last]

The above was copied from Not Always Right, a humor site.

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I ran across this phrase while reading a recent news article:

organized turbulence


[short_intro]From throwing rocks into the Grand Canyon to Dorothy Parker[/short_intro]A series of comments on a recent news article.
We visited the Grand Canyon when I was a kid. I remember a ranger telling us why we shouldn‘t throw rocks into the canyon: “If everybody did it, they’d fill up the canyon.” Read More ➥

[short_intro]Big Bob sauntered down to my work area and casually enquired if I had a wooden leg[/short_intro] At one firm in the 1980s our group occupied cubicles in a row near some windows. Read More ➥

Comment threads of news items can be pretty much echo chambers but every once in a while, someone posts a random comment that leads to a rich variety of punny responses. Witness this brilliant series: Read More ➥

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Round hamburger buns

I was stunned, stunned! I tell you, when I noticed this in a recent market advertising circular ☞ Read More ➥

Seems there was an orchestra, with a master Violinist in first chair. In the midst of final rehearsal for a grand exposition of powerful music, a bizarre dissonance was heard.
The conductor stopped the piece as he nearly fell off his podium. Read More ➥