News of the Weird

In Apple News (Sunday, October 10, 2021)

Apple Store security guard stabbed over mask issues

A security guard working inside the West 14th Street Apple Store in Manhattan was stabbed on Friday. The 37-year old victim, who has not been named, was sent to Bellevue Hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening wounds.

ABC7NY reports the suspect was told by the guard that he had to wear a mask to enter the store, then after an exchange of words, he pulled out a sharp object and stabbed the guard in the back, forehead, and left arm. The suspect fled the scene and is still at large.

The suspect is described as male, Black, 5 foot 6 inches tall, in his 20’s, and was wearing a black mask and sweatshirt with blue jeans.

Something doesn’t add up here. So a masked man was asked to wear a mask?

Then there was this:

From Apple News (Sunday, October 10, 2021)

iCloud, Cellebrite helped find text messages that brought down poaching ring

A group of illegal hunters who were operating on Oregon’s Central Coast Range was brought down by a series of text messages after the Oregon State Police used Cellebrite software to extract deleted text messages from iCloud.

An investigative piece by Willamette Week reports the messages included pictures of dead cougar cubs, as well as recipes of how to cook elk that had been killed illegally. The case has thus far yielded more than 40 counts of poaching and related charges from different prosecutors.

I’d like to find that book of recipes for illegally-killed elk.  Presumably there’s a companion book of recipes for legally-killed elk.