“Delicately Seasoned”

A Half-pound of Angus beef, delicately seasoned, flame-broiled as you like it with butter lettuce, crisp dill pickle, sweet Hawaiian onion & thick cut tomato topped with mango-ginger aioli and your choice of thick cut Cheddar, Monterey Jack or Bleu Cheese crumbles . . . all on a Brioche bun.
I want to know exactly what “delicately seasoned” means. As opposed to heartily seasoned? Aggressively seasoned? Daintily seasoned? Roughly seasoned? Does the line cook know the difference when he’s got six orders piled up ready to “season” and plate? He probably just grabs the shaker and shakes it a couple of times over the burger without giving a thought as to how delicate his downstrokes are.