Comments following a story about Devin Nunes’ antics

Swalwell did a good deed today.

It is truly painful to watch the impeachment hearings when Devin Nunes (R-Fresno), a putative dairy farmer, keeps stepping in meadow muffins…

And Nunes had only his Steele Dossier talking points to close with.

When all you have is a milking bucket and chair, everything looks like a cow udder.

But it takes a lot of pull.

You just have to know how to tug the right way.

That one was cheesy, but let’s rennet up the flagpole anywhey.

We’re really skimming the bottom of the barrel for these bovine puns now, are we not?

We’re polishing a curd.

and whey- it’s all about the whey

Oh my DAYUM! The puns on this thread. SNORT! CACKLE!

No! never stop.