Commenters Weigh in on Gravity

Commenters agree: The Earth Sucks

Funny, I haven’t changed my opinion of the theory of gravity either. I must just be stubborn I guess.

I don’t now, I’m a bit up in the air about it.

I’ve tried changing my mind – but falling flat on my face once was enough to convince me.

Only because you failed to miss the ground. It requires a significant distraction at just the right instant. Or so I’ve read.

Just don’t look down and you’ll be fine. My Warner Bros. University Cartoon Physics class taught me that.

WB cheats. They violate their own ‘laws’ in the Road Runner cartoons. One character (Wile E. Coyote) can’t violate the laws of physics that the other character (the Road Runner) just got through violating.

Well you know what?! I for one am DONE with gravity! Stupid theory, being grounded and stuff Why can birds do it and not me?! I’m out that window and I’m gonna fly home tonight!

Intelligent falling must be taught alongside gravity in the science class.

I agree. I think gravity sucks!

“Gravity. It’s not just a theory, it’s the law.”

I don’t believe in gravity -I think the Earth sucks

I HAVE to believe in it. The proof looks back at me when I pass a mirror after hitting the pavement. Dammit.

That would be the reason why gravity-denial is not beneficial as an inherited trait?

prolly one of those single-minded folks who only falls down…

Orbit around that idea and you’ll never expend energy.

hm. i changed my view of gravity considerably (which originally was mostly newtonian, i guess) when i read about einstein’s theory of general relativity (i was ~ 12 years old), and maybe i have to do it again for a theory of quantum gravity (first gravitation was some “action at a distance” (newton), then it’s a “gravitational field”, and now it’s due to the “curvature of spacetime”. those physicists should make up their mind. /s).

Well, then, I think you’ve got a massively warped view of gravity.

Interesting point: I’d say that Einstein didn’t change my option on gravity, but refined my understanding of it. We’ve been refining our understanding of evolution for quite some time also, but the basic construct is still intact.

well, in my case would “refined my understanding of it” be an understatement.

I guess it’s all relative! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Wait, that’s Ohm’s Law. .. Dang.

Indeed. I’ve changed my mind over time about the theory of gravity (that is, I’ve adjusted the weight I place on several different theories). What I haven’t changed is my mind about the existence of gravity, which is essentially what [Ken] Ham is suggesting we do.

I’m not sure that’s a good thing, as there is more than one theory of gravity. Even those who haven’t changed their minds should at least be aware of other theories and should have adjusted the evidentiary weight they place on each.