Tip Of The Iceberg Of Stupidity

[I’m serving at the bar of a club when a woman orders a soda. I pour the drink and serve it to her.]  “I want the ice at the bottom of the glass, please.” Me: “Yes, ma’am, I did put the ice in first.” Woman: “No, I want it at the bottom of the glass otherwise it hurts my teeth when I drink. ” [At this point, as the woman
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Can you name this musical instrument?

Anyone who browses various news and entertainment sites on the web will see those little ads embedded in site sidebars, often with such titles as, How to cure acne with this simple solution, Can you name these 60s actors?, and The truth behind JFK's 1972 disappearance. One that popped into view recently was on a site called Tempo that invited viewers to take a quiz: Can You Name this Musical
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Hot Sauce Museum in a Home

This article caught my eye recently. It always amazes me to learn about things people collect. An uncle, who was a Greyhound driver, used to collect matchbooks. I have heard about people who collect casino chips and have a lot invested. Beer steins, beer bottles, beer bottle caps, booze bottles, hair clippings of the rich and famous, hymens, old radios, cigar bands...the list is near Photo: Vic Clinco
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Shifting Gears

“Hey Pando,” Eddie called to me loudly from across our table, around which were seated various denizens comprising our local native wits, who were trying to enjoy Toni’s powerful overcooked and over-perked copper-colored liquid that she playfully lists as “coffee” on the menu of The Scruffy Dog Cafe. “Um, yes, uh, yeah, Eddie, whazzup?” I replied between sips. “You know how you’re always going on about the abysmal quality of
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