Pizza for Five

Roman frozen pizza wants consumers to pentasect* the baked pie in order to meet recommended nutritional standards per item. Cutting it into four pieces would result in higher meaures of sodium, fats, and carbohydrates, whereas cutting into six pieces would mean skinny bite-sized slices, encouraging folks to grab another slice. Now the problem becomes one of how to slice the pizza into five more or less equal portions, presumably by
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Jeanne’s Tree Nightmare

My neighbor is a concert violinist and tends to take extended trips during the summer. Among other things, I take care of her garden, making sure the grass and plants are watered, trimming and tending to the shrubs,and so on. Several years ago her red-leafed Japanese maple started its long death spiral. Here follows a series of email correspondence centering mainly on that poor tree. These are basically conversational with
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A Great Delivery Service!

Attention UPS and FedEx:  You have competition.
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