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I noticed this item on Amazon yesterday. Being the oddball of the linguistics crowd, I immediately latched onto the wording of “DEWALT DG5101 Small Technician’s Pouch”.  I couldn’t help thinking that it was made with small technicians in mind.  I posed a fake question (you have to scroll down to see the questions): Read More ➥

[short_intro]Big Bob sauntered down to my work area and casually enquired if I had a wooden leg[/short_intro] At one firm in the 1980s our group occupied cubicles in a row near some windows. Read More ➥

I live next door to a lovely lady who is a music professor at our local university. During the year she takes time to lead workshops, give recitals, and appear as a guest artist in various orchestras around the world. Read More ➥

I was in the Army in the mid-60s, stationed in Berlin as a telephone repairman / switchboard operator. Our outfit was a Signal company, which included any job pertaining to communications – telephone, radio, microwave, crypto, whatever. Our sergeants and officers were not the the strict gung-ho types you see in war movies or accounts of life in the Infantry. We bunked three to a room. Each of us had a tall closet and a footlocker, where all our worldly possessions were kept. Every Saturday morning we peons headed to a movie theater for a couple of hours of training in some obscure military course. During that time the outfit’s sergeants would go room to room and inspect our gear and the general cleanliness of our quarters. The basic idea was that nobody’s perfect, so each room would get a demerit for one very minor infraction or another (such as one sock was gray from too many washings). You get the idea. Read More ➥