Shifting Gears

“Hey Pando,” Eddie called to me loudly from across our table, around which were seated various denizens comprising our local native wits, who were trying to enjoy Toni’s powerful overcooked and over-perked copper-colored liquid that she playfully lists as “coffee” on the menu of The Scruffy Dog Cafe. “Um, yes, uh, yeah, Eddie, whazzup?” I replied between sips. “You know how you’re always going on about the abysmal quality of
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Truth in Labeling

I was stunned, stunned! I tell you, when I noticed this in a recent market advertising circular ☞ Even Wendy's serves their square hambugers in round buns, so it would be quite unusual to find hamburger buns that aren't
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Orchestral Dissonance

A picture is worth a thousand words! Is the music too
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Artisan Lettuce (Really!)

We first need to ask, What is Artisan Food? This link provides the following: Artisan food is a type of food that is not mass produced, but handmade, and includes cheese and breadmaking, charcuterie and other foods involving a fermentation process. Artisan food is usually developed during a long period of time. In the past decade, food producers large and small began to add seeds and nuts and dried fruit
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Ultimate Outdoor Theater

Now here's just the thing to take on your next camping trip or to just set up in your back yard. Imagine how popular you'll be with other nearby campers, who just wanted to spend a night or two outdoors away from the stresses of life back in the neighborhood, when you set this up and begin showing the latest blood and gore horror movie. Why tell the kids ghost
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Factors: Form and otherwise

I just read an article pointing out the awkward login procedure for macOS Sierra with an Apple watch: two-factor vs. two-step authentication. They didn't explain what factors you can use so I figured I could try the age-old "form" factor but it wouldn't accept that. No one has been able to give a precise definition of what exactly a "form factor" is and what other factors one should consider. The
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“Delicately Seasoned”

I want to know exactly what "delicately seasoned" means. As opposed to heartily seasoned? Aggressively seasoned? Daintily seasoned? Roughly seasoned? Does the line cook know the difference when he's got six orders piled up ready to "season" and plate? He probably just grabs the shaker and shakes it a couple of times over the burger without giving a thought as to how delicate his downstrokes
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Flutist Caught Warming His Instrument

This flutist is shown demonstrating modern 21st century advanced technical prowess with pioneering fingering
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