WDT Tool for Baristas

As my readers know, I get a lot of weird stuff in my email box. Today was something from Whole Latte Love, a coffee supply house where I occasionally shop. Today’s item was something called a WDT Tool.
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Pizza for Five

Noble Roman frozen pizza wants consumers to pentasect* the baked pie in order to meet recommended nutritional standards per item. Cutting it into four pieces would result in higher meaures of sodium, fats, and carbohydrates, whereas cutting into six pieces would mean skinny bite-sized slices, encouraging folks to grab another slice.
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Old Fry’s Ad for Hard Drive

This 15-year-old clipping from a Fry’s Electronics ad shows that the hard drive isn’t the only thing spinning! I  was shaking my head then and I am still chuckling when I realize that the copy writer of this display ad must’ve had writer’s block when trying to point out the obvious benefits of this particular piece of hardware. Imagine the luxury of an On/Off switch back then!
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An Organ So Hot, it Needs a Fire Extinguisher

I was recently watching some random YooToob video of an orchestra playing some work that featured an organ, when I captured this moment in a screen grab.
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Parking Spaces as Office Space

Only in San Francisco.  These earnest entrepreneurs plug quarters into parking meters, set up a few tables and chairs, and rent "office" space by the half hour...
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Super Savings at the Supermarket!

Sometimes the good folks who stock items at the local supermarket are too busy to look for inconsistencies in marking prices.
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Roadkill Barbecue

Here’s a photo of a dude who takes his barbecue outfit along as he follows the yellow line. However, if you look closely at the highlighted area, those grillin’ tools are going to need some serious scrubbing after picking up a collection of bugs and dirt from the road, much like your windshield does.
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Violinists Flirting

When the music is romantic, even the players flirt
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