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People get carried away but thankfully, this thread was short.

  • I remember seeing one of those. It was near the dance hall where they were holding a hop.
  • I hear if those get out of hand, someone could croak.
  • That’s quite the leap of imagination.
  • I see what you did there. [main_last]*golf clap*[/main_last]

[shor_intro]What kind of pun is created for the hard of hearing? Who knows?  I sure don’t. However, here is a selection copied from some random web page.[/short_intro] Read More ➥

[short_intro]From throwing rocks into the Grand Canyon to Dorothy Parker[/short_intro]A series of comments on a recent news article.
We visited the Grand Canyon when I was a kid. I remember a ranger telling us why we shouldn‘t throw rocks into the canyon: “If everybody did it, they’d fill up the canyon.” Read More ➥

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