Pithy Sayings

Found in the comments of a recent article I read: Every silver lining has a cloud. Every light has a tunnel at the end. Green is always grassier on the other sife. All that gold is not glitter. Bush in hand is better than two birds. Every cloud has a sync
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Lysdexits of the World, Untie!

Lysdexics of the world, untie! I always took comfort and delight in knowing that dyslexia is an anagram of "daily sex." FWIW, an anadram is what you call an anagram when you're drunk. No. Like "anabaptist," an anadram is a second or subsequent dram. Is an anadram what happens when you jumble a word because you're drunk on whiskey? If there is an "e" in whiskey, it is probably not
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Overheard at the Local Music Shop

The best way to avoid giving birth to a sousaphone player is to have a tuba ligation. You are not a well person, horning in with that pun. It takes a lot of brass to make a comment like
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A Great Delivery Service!

Attention UPS and FedEx:  You have competition.
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Flutist Caught Warming His Instrument

This flutist is shown demonstrating modern 21st century advanced technical prowess with pioneering fingering
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