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Jokes, puns, cartoons, and other bits of humor lifted from other sources

[short_intro]Beware the next time you hear someone in the trombone section yell out, “Hey, y’all, watch this!”[/short_intro] Paolo Esperanza, bass-trombonist with the Simphonica Mayor de Uruguay, in a misplaced moment of inspiration, decided to make his own contribution to the cannon shots fired as part of the orchestra’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture at an outdoor children’s concert. In complete seriousness he placed a large, ignited firecracker, which was equivalent in strength to a quarter stick of dynamite, into his aluminum straight mute and then stuck the mute into the bell of his quite new Yamaha in-line double-valve bass trombone. Read More ➥

Only in San Francisco.  These earnest entrepreneurs plug quarters into parking meters, set up a few tables and chairs, and rent "office" space by the half hour... Read More ➥

How does that top mold make a waffle that looks like [main_last]this?[/main_last]

I noticed this item on Amazon yesterday. Being the oddball of the linguistics crowd, I immediately latched onto the wording of “DEWALT DG5101 Small Technician’s Pouch”.  I couldn’t help thinking that it was made with small technicians in mind.  I posed a fake question (you have to scroll down to see the questions): Read More ➥

Sometimes the good folks who stock items at the local supermarket are too busy to look for inconsistencies in marking [main_last]prices.[/main_last]

[short_intro]Swalwell did a good deed today.[/short_intro] It is truly painful to watch the impeachment hearings when Devin Nunes (R-Fresno), a putative dairy farmer, keeps stepping in meadow muffins… Read More ➥

Class clowns sawing [main_last]away[/main_last]

[short_intro]I found this a few years ago on a comment thread somewhere.[/short_intro] Read More ➥

[short_intro]Not everyone enjoys puns. Puns are rarely funny. Most people groan after hearing a pun. Here are some of my favorites.[/short_intro] Read More ➥