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I noticed this item on Amazon yesterday. Being the oddball of the linguistics crowd, I immediately latched onto the wording of “DEWALT DG5101 Small Technician’s Pouch”.  I couldn’t help thinking that it was made with small technicians in mind.  I posed a fake question (you have to scroll down to see the questions):
Question: My installers are hardly what you’d call small. Would this item work with 6’+ guys?
1. The pouch is universal fit. It’s comfortable, can carry a variety of basic hand tools; however the clasp or clip that attaches to the belt is pretty weak. So If the overall weight of tools exceeds some workers might find it useless.
2. I think it would
3. I’m 6’3 low voltage tech. Out of all the ones I’ve used this was the best quality. You have to replace the buttons every year or so.
Are these people even reading the question, do they not get the joke about small technicians?  What is wrong with these people?

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