Comment Threads of Interest

Doughty Puns

Nothing attracts commenters more than a pun thread
  • Dough unto others as you would have them dough unto you, for it is batter to give than to receive.
  • We don’t knead a pun thread this early on a Monday.
  • Bad bun puns are the yeast of our worries these days.
  • Guess I have to learn how to roll with the punches.
  • You will if you know which side your bread is buttered on.
  • Not a pun, but a half-baked idiom.
  • The proof is in the pudding, after all.
  • No, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
  • You know, you can’t have your pun and eat it too.
  • So much flaky goodness this early on Monday.
  • Doughnut get me started!
  • Didn’t mean for a fuss to be raised.
  • Soda ya want to get me started? Or knot.
  • Wasn’t trying to stir trouble. Sorry for any mix up.
  • Since I like butter I will have to make a note of this in my dairy.
  • It is a much kneaded skill
  • At yeast he saw an opportunity and rose to the occasion.
  • Good thing, too. I find half-baked pun threads so distressing.
  • I went away from the computer for awhile and come back to find a punfest in progress, mostly missing out on it.
  • D’OUGH!
  • It’s never too late to rise to the occasion.
  • I’m just rejoining the fold to toss in a pun or two. Hope it pans out and my effort doesn’t come off as kneady.
  • Just don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Proof it.
  • You should at least be as dead pan as possible when offering an admonishment.
  • I butter hurry up and post this before somebody beats me to it.
  • So sayeth the LARD!
  • The word of Crust!
  • Sikh and Yee shall pheind.
  • Joshy the Feur looked through these hoping to pan most if not all, but they’re too sweet to make a mess of.
  • re-sieve?
  • Now that’s a bit of a…strain. 😛

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Commenters Weigh in on Gravity

Commenters agree: The Earth Sucks
Funny, I haven’t changed my opinion of the theory of gravity either. I must just be stubborn I guess. I don’t now, I’m a bit up in the air about it. I’ve tried changing my mind – but falling flat on my face once was enough to convince me.

Only because you failed to miss the ground. It requires a significant distraction at just the right instant. Or so I’ve read.

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Comment Thread about the Grand Canyon

From throwing rocks into the Grand Canyon to Dorothy Parker
A series of comments on a recent news article. We visited the Grand Canyon when I was a kid. I remember a ranger telling us why we shouldn‘t throw rocks into the canyon: “If everybody did it, they’d fill up the canyon.”

And if everybody wanted to take rock samples, there’d be no rocks left.

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Musical Puns

Comment threads of news items can be pretty much echo chambers but every once in a while, someone posts a random comment that leads to a rich variety of punny responses. Witness this brilliant series:
  • Currently listening to Rachmaninoff…yeah…he Rachs my socks…
  • Rach and Roll
er…umm (slowly walks out of room)
  • Nooo! Please come Bach with more musical puns!
  • Can’t offer you one because I’m still recouperin from the last one.
  • Nuh-huh, you’re obviously just Haydn them.
  • Listen, I’ve got a whole Liszt of them.
  • I’ve no doubt that your the Lieder of them.
  • I keep them in my schu, mann.
  • Drat, I was just about to ask, “Verdi you get them?”
  • Stop it, my brain can’t Handel this anymore.
  • I need to brush my teeth; anyone have a tuba toothpaste?
  • Alright, I admit I’m getting a bit Straussed as well.
  • Quit harping on that!
  • I don’t like the tenor of that comment
  • Cello everybody, I’m hear!
  • William, Tell me who is De Falla at the table?
  • He’s Il turko in Italia waiting for l’arlesienne.
  • That’s pretty bass of you to horn in with opéra comique
  • Okay everyone, just stay well-tempered.
  • Now now, no violins, please.
  • For my Clavier is about to burst!
  • Have we exhausted all we can say that’s of note?

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Exhausted With Bad Puns

Another bunch of native witz on a comment thread
Funny how the obverse [seeing an atheist sign on a car] is never taken into account – drive around my county in PA and count the number of Christian-message-exhorting signs, billboards, bumper stickers, fish symbols on businesses…you’ll get exhausted soon.
  • “drive around” “get exhausted” I see what you did there.
  • There auto be a law.
  • Someone needs to be Drawn and Quoted.
  • You can also get tired.
  • Can we please steer the conversation away from puns?
  • What are you driving at?

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Gopher Wood

The following comment thread began in comments relating to a post about the hunk of junk Ken Ham calls a replica of Noah’s Ark. I’ll only be truly impressed by a “replica” ark if someone actually makes one out of nothing but hand-hewn timber! Something like that, regardless of the motivation, would be craftsmanship and hard work worthy of respect. Anything else is just another pile of junk.

Timber? Don’t you mean Gopher wood?

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