Can you name this musical instrument?

Anyone who browses various news and entertainment sites on the web will see those little ads embedded in site sidebars, often with such titles as, How to cure acne with this simple solution, Can you name these 60s actors?, and The truth behind JFK’s 1972 disappearance.

One that popped into view recently was on a site called Tempo that invited viewers to take a quiz: Can You Name this Musical Instrument? Okay, so I enjoy music and figured it’s worth a try. The first image was easy, a photo of a piano, and the options were piano and harp. An easy one to start, right?

The second was a little more difficult, an image of a stringed instrument, whose choices were lyre and acoustic guitar.

The third was upping the difficulty level a bit more by showing an image of another stringed instrument, whose choices were violin and vihuela.

I closed the window and gave up when shown the fourth photo.

You can find this and other  time-wasting quizzes here.