Betrayed by Shelly Knox

If you like chilling and dramatic horror stories, this is for you!
This was an exciting but very descriptive book about a serial killer who targets women who are on the verge of giving birth. He kills then removes the living baby, which he then sells to a broker.

There is another angle to the story that is even grittier but ties in over the course of the novel.

Here is an excerpt that might serve the reader well: “Keri poured a glass of orange juice and added champagne to sip while she read more of Piper’s journal. The journal was too hard to read without alcohol. After the last couple of readings, she’d decided she wanted her senses dulled a bit.”

With that in mind, the book is very well written with a plot that just won’t let go, with chill factors that reach pretty high. If you enjoy books with a lot of tension, and you don’t mind R+ Rated descriptions, then go buy this book.

Note: I was given an advance review copy free by the author in exchange for an honest review. The review above reflects my thoughts about this book. Because I enjoyed it, I will purchase a copy when it is released.

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