Armadillos (comments in a news thread)

Heh, made me think of armadillos. Or as I like to call them, nature’s speed-bump. They are low to the ground, impossible to see against the asphalt, slow as hell and already have a tire-track across their backs. A lot less damaging though. More nasty cleanup.

One of my favs…”Why did the chicken cross the road? To show armadillos it can be done”.:)

Except chickens get it right…

My area has possums. Sadly, their survival tactic of ‘freezing’ and playing dead doesn’t work so well on cars….

Texas State animal: Dead armadillo on the side of the road. The boogers jump when frightened. Right into the bumper of a car.

The dumbest thing about armadillos is their defense tactic, which involves leaping straight up into your bumper. If they’d hunker down, you could drive right over one without hurting it. But no. They have to jump up into your bumper and get leprosy all over it.


p style=”padding-left: 100px;”>That particular beastie is African. I take your meaning, though. Around here, we call ’em ‘hooved rats’ and they can be a real hazard for motorcycles. On the other hand, if you hit one you can eat it.