The latest trendy hot topic is ”raw water.”

Raw water is water that is bottled directly from the source: a creek, a hillside spring, or a lake.  Raw water is ”raw” because it has not been filtered or treated to remove chemicals or bacteria that could cause illness or death.

We’ve researched this topic and unearthed a few enterprising bottlers of raw water. According to news sources, 2.5 gallon jugs are going for more than $35.

  1. Piers Pure Raw Water (extracted from a tributary of Pence Creek that runs through the feedlot of Piers Dairy)
  2. Büdelsdorfer Reinkanalwasser (Imported) (source: the northern end of the Kiel Canal near Büdelsdorf)
  3. Buttweiser Lite (source:  runoff from the Thomas Fire near Santa Barbara, distributed by Budweiser Van Nuys, CA)
  4. St. Tammany Raw Water Reclamation (source: wells tapped on the Superfund site of Madison Creosote Works, Louisiana)
  5. Red Hook Raw Sparkling Water (source: Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn, New York)