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A customer comes up to me – a customer service rep at a supermarket – with a can of table salt. Read More ➥

People get carried away but thankfully, this thread was short.

  • I remember seeing one of those. It was near the dance hall where they were holding a hop.
  • I hear if those get out of hand, someone could croak.
  • That’s quite the leap of imagination.
  • I see what you did there. *golf clap*

I and two of my friends are at a convenience store buying drinks. My friend’s drink is $2.73 including tax. He hands the cashier exactly $2.73. But the cashier doesn’t take it. Read More ➥

I ran across this phrase while reading a recent news article:

organized turbulence

Round hamburger buns

I was stunned, stunned! I tell you, when I noticed this in a recent market advertising circular ☞ Read More ➥

What is Artisan Food: add seeds and nuts and dried fruit to their products, then slap an Artisan label on it Read More ➥

Now here’s just the thing to take on your next camping trip or to just set up in your back yard. Read More ➥

You find the strangest threads in the comments of news article. Read More ➥

"I'd like a cup of coffee, please, with no cream." Read More ➥


Attention UPS and FedEx:  You have competition. Read More ➥