Hot Sauce Museum in a Home

This article caught my eye recently. It always amazes me to learn about things people collect.

An uncle, who was a Greyhound driver, used to collect matchbooks.

I have heard about people who collect casino ... 

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An Exacting Complication

I and two of my friends are at a convenience store buying drinks. My friend’s drink is $2.73 including tax. He hands the cashier exactly $2.73. But the cashier doesn’t take it.

Friend: “Here you go.”

Cashier: “This isn’t enough.”

Friend: “What do you mean. You said it was $2.73 and I gave you $2.73 exactly.”

Cashier: “Exact change isn’t enough.”

Friend: “What the hell are you on about. I gave you the exact money. Why can’t I have this drink if I gave the exact change?”

Cashier: “Fine, I’ll cover it this time.”

Friend: confused face

Cashier: “Go. Before I change my mind about helping you.”

My friend was muttering about the cashier all the way back to his house.

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Commenters Weigh in on Gravity

Commenters agree: The Earth Sucks
Funny, I haven’t changed my opinion of the theory of gravity either. I must just be stubborn I guess.

I don’t now, I’m a bit up in the air about it.

I’ve tried changing my mind – but falling flat on my face once was enough to convince me.

Only because you failed to miss the ground. It requires a significant distraction at just the right instant. Or so I’ve read.

Just don’t look down and you’ll ... 

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Missionary Interrupts Sunday Football

Always keep a big quiet man as one of your friends
I remember ages ago I was at my cousin’s watching football with a few of his friends.

At one point I went to the kitchen, which was next to the front door, to get a beer refill when there was a knock on the door. Since I was right there, I answered it, only to find some Elmer Gantry-looking chap.

Before I could say anything, he yelled in that tremulous manner that TV preachers do, “Halleluja Brother, are there any sinners in this house?”

I told him that there were a bunch of guys drinking beer and watching a football game on TV. He burst past me into the living room, turned off the TV, and started praising the lord to these guys. Their jaws were slack with surprise until one of them, a defensive lineman-sized man, stood up and simply said, “Go away. Now.”

Elmer took the hint and scurried out as I held the door open for him.

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Puns for the Hard of Hearing

What kind of pun is created for the hard of hearing? Who knows?  I sure don’t. However, here is a selection copied from some random web page.

  • I tried to catch some fog. I mist.
  • When chemists die, they barium.
  • Jokes about German sausage are the wurst.
  • A soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper


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Religion and Taxes

STORE OWNER: Why do my taxes keep going up?

PROPERTY ASSESSOR: Because the churches don’t pay taxes, so we have to make up the difference.

STORE OWNER: And why are there so many churches?

PROPERTY ASSESSOR: Because we’re not allowed to decide whether or not something’s a church.

STORE OWNER: (pause) Stop leaning on my altar.

The above was copied from Not Always Right, a humor site.

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