nd behind the Imperial, there are still several ancestors alive, blessing the empire. Only one of these ancestors up to one hundred years old, early to fade the world fame and fortune, as one submarine repair, no longe. r have to worry about things, unless the empire encountered great distress, will reveal traces. Of course, this is only a legend, even the ancient wind ACMT it exam royal royal some of the powerful, not how to believe. But in accordance with common sense, those who live for hundreds of years of our ancestors, how is the first gray, has a foot into the coffin of the old man, how will such a young man like the front Watching the whole body was scattered than I was also a lot of people who are strong emperor of the gas ACMT Liu Bi, three princes of a sudden even Mongolia. My Apple Certification ancestors Oh, this relative or do not recognize chaos good. Liu Bi grin laughed But where I martial art, but added your ancient founding empire empire some origin. What Three princes exclaimed loudly, looked at Liu s eyes wide open. And the ancient founding emperors of the empire have roots Almost the entire ancient winds of the subjects of the empire know that the founding emperor of the ancient wind empire had received the instructions of

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